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Hello! I’m Rachel, designer and maker behind the fashion jewellery label Avahlou. I’m so excited that you’re here!

I’m guessing that you’ve seen me living my best handmade fashion accessory life over on my Instagram page (pop on over if you haven’t, ear candy heaven!) and had to check out what’s available for you to call your own or to gift to your someone special!

My handmade, fashion jewellery is all about sparkle, pattern clash, high detail, floral, animal print, bright, monochrome, classic and abstract everything. A mixed bag of the best really.

My jewellery designs are original, unique, made only by my two hands from scratch and they are constantly evolving. To me it’s important that I only create designs that I would personally wear.

I tend to intentionally, not follow trends as like in my personal life I’m more of a confidently walk my own path kind of woman and crowds aren’t really my thing. I never sit on the same design or colour pattern for too long. So if you see a piece you just have to have (trust me, it happens!) quickly make it yours as it won’t be re created and it might not be on the shelves when you return.

My amazing following of Avahlou ladies who’ve been in my corner since the very beginning, 5 years now! Know how fast my jewellery flys out of the door and as a result their Avahlou collections are nothing short of impressive.

See it, need it, want it, put a ring on it.

I know once you jump on board, you’ll be a friend and Avahlou fan for life. I’ll always have something to complete your outfit or to make you feel so special or just to give you that extra boost on the days where you can’t be bothered with anything else.

I got you! Need the perfect gift? I got you!

So hang around and keep in touch as there is always something new that I am bringing to the fashion game and I can’t wait to share it with you! A little heads up on what’s coming up next for Avahlou.... We are busily behind the scenes creating our new accessory line as well as gorgeous unique pieces of home decor and art for your home. Excited! And yes, I never sleep!