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Avahlou fashion Jewellery

We would love for you to be able to wear your handmade, fashion jewellery over and over again. There’s no reason your favourite Avahlou pieces can’t be your go to accessories for many years to come. Please ensure you follow this care guide.

> Ensure your jewellery is safely stored in a cool, dry area. We suggest you check out Bon Maxie earring storage boards and display options for a new kind of accessory addiction (guilty!) to keep your jewellery safe.

> Please support the earring with your fingers when gently removing the earring back off from the post. Pulling too hard or not supporting the earring and stud during removal could result in un wearable damage.

> We know you’re going to put serious kilometres on your earrings and just like everything we wear, your earrings will need a little TLC from time to time. Please only use a damp cloth or a jewellery cloth to gently wipe makeup or marks off as soon as you notice them. No detergents or fragrant filled wipes are recommended. This could cloud or damage your glossy coating, wear away varnish or discolour any metal findings. If your pair of earrings contain metal/brass components, they can darken over time due to the air, it's a natural reaction. They can also mark if they become wet. This can be cleaned or brought back to shiny by gently cleaning with a tarnish removing liquid from Bunnings or even the supermarket. Follow products instructions. A jewellery polishing/cleaning cloth can also brighten the brass back up.

> A great rule to follow is “jewellery is the last to go on, first to come off”. Trust me, this little diddy will give more life to your jewellery. Perfumes, moisturiser, make up, hairspray and high acidity in your skin can potentially effect the life span and appearance of your jewellery. Try to avoid contact with them when wearing your jewellery. PS: We don’t expect you to avoid your jewellery touching your skin, just making you aware this is a factor in jewellery ageing.

> Your jewellery is created using trusted techniques and materials. It is still considered to be a fragile item and should be treated with TLC. If dropped or stored incorrectly you risk your jewellery becoming damaged. Your jewellery can break and it would be devastating to know that your one of a kind piece can not be exactly re created. Your jewellery should be considered fragile and worn only for the purpose intended. Breakages due to dropping or incorrect handling, if repairable are at the cost to the customer.

> Due to hygiene reasons, there is no returns or exchanges on any jewellery that leaves our studio.

> We only use surgical stainless steel ear posts and backs. Perfect for sensitive ears.