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  • One of a kind statement fashion earrings. 
    ✨Statement Size✨


    Avahlou hand crafted resin & mixed media earrings. 

    Posts are Surgical Stainless Steel with comfort backs. Ball studs and hooks are coated stainless steel. 

    Size: Approximately 7cm top to bottom, lightweight. 


    Each pair is made by my two hands. Characteristics may be noticed such as, marks, dimples, raised or flat areas, matt or gloss areas, organic shape and edges, thick or thin components, bubbles, divots, texture and organic detailing. Due to the handmade nature of fashion earrings, perfection is unrealistic but we do get very close. All of these features and beauty marks are created when your one of a kind earrings come to life by hand. They build character and are purely aesthetic.



    Every pair of earrings is one of a kind with individual detail and pattern placement. The pair you receive will be from this exact collection, in this colour theme and this design/shape pictured but due to the handmade nature more then one pair is made at a time and the pair you receive might have variations and you might not receive the pair in this photo. No two pairs are ever the exact same.

    Keeping your pair unique!